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We use data to identify new opportunities, algorithms to increase efficiency, and visualizations to aid decision making.

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You don’t need more data, more reports, and more cubes. You need
information you can trust, that’s clear, and that arrives at the right time.

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Some problems require sophisticated modeling. It may take months of exploration to find the secret formula. Or it may take a day. The important thing is that you use the right technique, and you use the technique right.

Darkhorse does optimizations, simulations, forecasts, and statistical analyses. We’ve solved enormous, complex problems that have saved clients countless hours and millions of dollars. We apply techniques from the academic literature and, when necessary, develop custom techniques.

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Having the right answer is not enough. More often than not, it will simply pique a decision-makers curiosity. Only rarely will it convince them to act.

If the decision-maker can’t understand and relate the analysis, it will be ignored. Information design is crucial. It brings clarity to your methodology and results. When done well, it moves a decision-maker from curiosity to trust.

Darkhorse is renowned for its data visualizations. We’ve developed training courses, written articles, and been recognized internationally for our work in this area.

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A well-written report can’t compare to a well-designed tool. Decision-makers who can interact with the analysis by adjusting parameters, comparing time periods, and testing assumptions move from curiosity, to trust, to ownership.

Nearly all our projects result in an interactive tool, many of which have been in use for years. They guide decisions to allocate hundreds of millions of dollars in healthcare, industrial equipment, and education. They are owned by the decision-makers, and give consistently accurate results.

You have the data, but now you need the insights. Our multidisciplinary team collects, cleans, and analyzes that data. But then we go further, turning that analysis into tools that let you intuitively interact with the data, project it into the future, and understand its implications.



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